The Lost Identity

We were hugging the prince of Persia in black paradise,
There is a dignity that fades away,
That we weren’t conscious of, yet, we are running away,
We have laboured for something good, Continue reading The Lost Identity



The dilemma was beyond turbulence, my wrongs were used as a proverb for the other ladies in our community,

My impurity was like a disturbed mesh birthing unrealistic integrity,

My achievement was crawling like a pyrrhic victory, I was pregnant at the wrong time which I consider as my greatest misery

My father told me to abort it, mama found a way to annul it,

She has the key to my father’s calmness, he never thought what I would have faced if I try aborting,

He was just concern about maintaining a good name to my own detriment

Mama option was to take me to granny till I delivered, going to school was past glory,

After nine months I delivered a baby boy, the news was kept within,

Papa was sick, he lost appetite for excitement thinking of whom to bear his surname.

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Nigerian woman
My Yoruba Queen.
Envied by the women of Oman,
Cafe ou lair, cream of Africa’s cream!

Warrior woman,
Queen of Wakanda.
Come and flip your wand,
Find the soul of Sarafina.

Curvy woman
In your womb lies Africa’s future.
My Lormah woman
Oyobuays marvels at your structure.

Beautiful woman,
Perpetual envy of the silicon woman.
Pride of the Black man,
The essence of a real woman.

Indigo Woman
Lillies of the African plains.
Thou are Eve of the African Eden,
Best of the portraits that nature paints.

Voluptous woman,
Full, thick natural lips.
Real assert of the Black woman,
Nature gets aroused by your hips. Continue reading AFRICA WOMAN


As at stage teenage, we were still regarded as children but we solely depended on the decision made for us may be by our parent, teachers, uncles or aunties. But the moment we took decisions for ourselves and we awaits the outcome before relaying to our parent then we can say we are now adult. Whether you like it or not you can not live it again but you can appreciate every growing child that surrounds you, why don’t you just quench your stress by a sweet thought of the some memories around the last millennium.. Continue reading SOME MEMORIES AROUND THE LAST MILLENNIUM